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We Play: Because Play is How Kids Learn

As part of my Types of Play series, I included a post entitled 'More Than One Way to Play,' about moving children who have a distinct preference for one type of play towards new discoveries in their play. For Immy, who loves imaginative play, I look for ways to extend her play preference to include … [Read more...]

We Play: For Fresh, Fun, Family Play Ideas

Welcome once again to the wikipedia of weekly play ideas! Check out the We Play archives to find more than 700 fantastic play ideas :)This week we have been enamoured by a new (to us) Charlie and Lola book and episode, But Where Completely are We? And as Charlie and Lola know, all good explorers … [Read more...]

I Play, You Play, WE PLAY

If you are new here you might not know that a lot of the posts on this blog are dedicated to that which is PLAY. Good old fashioned child’s play. I believe play is the ‘work’ of children. It is how they learn and understand and make sense of the world they live in. And I know that I am not … [Read more...]

A Simple Fabric Paint Activity

I found this lovely little lined basket at the op shop recently and I have big plans for it. However, it was lined with a very dull, white lining which I wanted to brighten up. Thankfully I remembered this recent Filth Wizardry post about beautiful handpainted skirts, simply painted with regular … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Beanbag Game Tutorial

Some time ago I was so inspired by this post about beanbags over at SquiggleMum that I rushed out and bought fabric to make some beanbags for Immy and then promptly put it away and forgot about it.When I saw Code Name: Mama's Beanbag Toss post on We Play, it inspired me again to get busy. To … [Read more...]